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Your critical information, all in one place

Financial services professionals that use the widely acclaimed ACT! software know the power and advantages it brings to their financial practice. ACT! CRM Software has proven itself by bringing ease of use and powerful features that even a novice can master in just a few minutes. In order to get the most out of ACT!, users need a customized ACT! CRM interface for business tracking and easy access to data that is essential to their practice.

What is Act4Advisors?

Act4Advisors utilizes the most popular contact management system, ACT!. ACT! has excellent features and is one of the easiest to use contact management systems on the market. Act4Advisors simply customizes ACT! for a financial services practice. Act4Advisors enables you to organize prospect and client data and stay on top of activities to keep pace with your demanding schedule. Act4Advisors Addon for ACT! is designed specifically for financial services professionals.

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Like the millions of individuals in small businesses and sales teams who use ACT!, you'll always be prepared with recent emails, meeting notes, task reminders, and social media profiles, because all of these details live in one place.

You can even use ACT! like a sales and marketing assistant to get the right leads, send striking marketing campaigns, and track your overall performance.

The bottom line, ACT! takes care of the administrative stuff so you can focus on building long-lasting, profitable business relationships.

Why ACT!

ACT! helps you get more of what you value most—time and money—by automating key activities, taking customer communications to the next level, and unlocking a rich source of new leads.

Let ACT! Smart Tasks handle the things you need to get done every day. Think of this as a personal assistant that puts activities on your calendar and sends emails for you so your customers get the service they expect. Amp up the emails you send by using professionally designed email marketing templates2 that complement your Smart Tasks.

Once your customers are taken care of, shift your focus to Sage Business Info Services for ACT!1 , which pulls highly targeted prospect lists from Hoover's and puts them directly into ACT!.

Integrate ACT! with everyday applications

ACT! can be used out-of-the-box or customized to suit your needs, and also integrates with everyday tools like Microsoft® Outlook®, Word, and Excel®. With ACT! you’ll have critical contact details at your fingertips so you can focus on what’s most important to your business – building strong customer relationships.

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Rid yourself of Unnecessary Paper and have Immediate Access to client/customer files from within the ACT! interface.

Connect your ACT! Contacts to their associated documents and folders inside of ACT!. Simply lookup the contact, company or group and click on the Organizer tab. The contents of the linked folder are automatically displayed. Scan&Organize Addon for ACT!

Features Include:

  • Navigate to client folders
  • Scan PDF, JPG, BMP, Tiff, and PNG
  • Drag and drop files and e-mails directly into the contact's folder!
  • Double click on contact's folder to lookup contact in ACT!
  • And so much more!

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Professional solutions that will help you get the most out of your ACT! software
Addons for ACT! blend seamlessly with Sage ACT! letting you customize ACT! to the way you do business. Click here for a complete list of Addons for ACT!

ACT Email Connect

ACT! Email Connect

With ACT! Email Connect for MS Outlook, you can start your Outlook email directly in Sage ACT! and send email from Outlook or send and attach to ACT!. No ACT! email client or ACT! addressbook is needed.
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ACT! E-Marketing

ACT! E-Marketing

Swiftpage gives you the tools to create beautiful email templates, send directly from your database and track your messages. You can also schedule to send, or choose to send as a different user or the record manager of each contact.
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Mondo ACT! Training Videos

ACT! Training Videos

Mondo Media provides ACT! training videos that help sales professionals, information technology professionals and customer service staff get the most out of ACT! software.
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Sync Your iPhone with ACT!


Sync your Sage ACT! CRM data with all the latest Blackberry, Windows Mobile, iPhone and Palm OS devices, or with Microsoft Outlook.
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Sync your Blackberry with ACT!

Handheld Contacts

ACT! for Blackberry, Pocket PC, and Treo Smartphones! Simple, reliable and secure. Handheld Contact is the best solution for getting ACT! on your phone.
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Laser App Software

Laser App Software

Easy to use, interactive form system for the independent financial advisor. Laser App uses your broker, rep, and client data to assist you in filling out the tedious and redundant fields in securities and annuity forms.
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Sync your Blackberry with ACT!

Scan&Organize Addon for ACT!

Scan, attach, and manage documents within ACT! and become paperless.
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Our Company

Since 1993, Allied Financial Software, Inc. - the creator of Act4Advisors Addon for ACT & Scan and Organize - has been providing software solutions to the financial services industry. Our background as Certified Financial Planners, Registered Investment Advisors and Registered Representatives has enabled us to better understand the investment professional's software needs.

We have established partnerships with some of the best financial services software companies to help us deliver the most appropriate products and services to you. Take the time to view our products and services and find out for yourself how we can help you attain your goals.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help investment professional's find the right kind of software for the way they do business. Since your business focus can center around financial planning, asset allocation, portfolio management or investment and insurance product sales, different software solutions apply to each of these respective practices.

Our Experience

Developed by:

ACT! Certified Consultant
Certified Financial Planner®
Past Vice President of a large broker dealer
Series 7 and 24 licensed
Business Development Consultant for the Financial Services Industry
Financial Services experience since 1986

Practice Management Solution, FSC Practice Management Solutions, Practice Management Software, CRM for Financial, ACT! for Financial Advisors, client and contact management software, crm software, asset allocation software, portfolio management software, financial planning software, registered reps... Practice Management Solution, FSC Practice Management Solutions, Practice Management Software, CRM for Financial, ACT! for Financial Advisors, client and contact management software, crm software, asset allocation software, portfolio management software, financial planning software, registered reps... “A middle ground CRM program that will meet many advisors' needs.” “If ACT! is such a great product, why do you need ACT4Advisors? The answer is simple: ACT! is designed for general sales, not specifically for the financial-services industry. It is possible to customize ACT! to meet the needs of financial advisors, but to do so would be time consuming. Wouldn't you be better off purchasing a set of industry specific layouts, templates, and reports that were already customized for advisors? Well, that is exactly what ACT4Advisors offers.” See the Article » “While Cuomo's firm does not track all of its clients' investments from within ACT4Advisors, she still finds the Security Quote field on the Investment tab very useful. "A number of clients call from time to time for stock quotes," she says. "If I enter the stocks in the Security Quote field, I can obtain quotes right from their contact record within ACT4Advisors.” “The primary advantage of ACT4Advisors is that advisors receive a highly customized version of ACT! at a very affordable price. "ACT! combined with ACT4Advisors is a bargain," says Michael Dubis, president of Touchstone Financial, in Madison, Wisc. ” “It's easy to use," says Dubis. "It's detailed enough to be just right, but not too detailed that you never want to use it.” “Cuomo agrees: "It's really powerful, but not difficult.” “The group of users I spoke with had good things to say about service and support. Dubis described ACT4Advisor as "very responsive and patient.” “With ACT!'s large user base, there's a good chance that some of your staff is familiar with the program, which means that your training cost will be minimized. Finding competent temps or virtual work partners to perform various tasks within ACT! shouldn't prove much of a challenge either.” Author: Joel P. Bruckenstein ~ Morningstar Advisor April 2003 “The Growing Importance of Contact Management.” “Frequent contact with customers, or "relationship management," is important in building a successful business. The payback is clear: Retaining current customers costs five to seven times less than finding new ones. Studies show that over a lifetime, loyal customers purchase more, cost less to sell to, and will refer five other people to a business.” News and Updates -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Posted June, 2005 » Press Release Cygnus Software Integrates Their IncomeMax Needs Analysis and Financial Planning Software with Act4Advisors (PRWEB) - Colorado Springs, CO (PRWEB) June 22, 2005 -- Cygnus Software Inc., a provider of practical, insurance and financial planning sales solutions, and Allied Financial Software, provider of customized ACT! software, have partnered to provide their users the ability to automatically populate an IncomeMax financial planning case with customer information stored in a Act4Advisors contact management database. Enter here for more details Go Back › Posted June, 2003 » Note to ACT! 6.0 Users ACT! has updated its packaging and pricing for ACT! 6.0. The box is now labeled as NEW for 2004 but it is still ACT! 6.03 The new box now includes ACT! for Pocket PC, ACT! Link for Palm and for a short time, ACT! for Palm OS. *Please call for availability. The retail price of ACT! has increased to $249 from $199 but the Pocket PC Link and ACT! for Palm OS were previously sold separately at $39 and $79 respectively. They are now included in the box as part of ACT!. This is a great deal since 70% of ACT! users are using one of these PDA devices. If you are an ACT! 6.0 User and would like to purchase one of the PDA addon programs separately, feel free to call us at 800.831.7636. Go Back › Posted April, 2003 » Act4Advisors to dbCAMS+ Interface Now available! Import data from dbCAMS directly into Act4Advisors. Enter here for more details Go Back › Posted April, 2003 » ACT! Link for Pocket PC ACT! Link for Pocket PC is the fastest, easiest way to access and update your ACT! information with your Pocket PC. Your ACT! contact information is synchronized with Pocket Outlook to ensure contact details are with you at all times. Manage your schedule by synchronizing your ACT! activities. And, stay on top of your ACT! to-do items when you're away from your desk! ACT! Link for Pocket PC integrates seamlessly with ACT! 6.0 while synchronizing your ACT! data directly through Microsoft ActiveSync. With ACT! Link for Pocket PC, you'll always have your ACT! information at hand - whether in the office or on the go. . Enter here for more details Go Back › Posted April, 2003 » ACT! for Palm OS Have complete customer information with you on-the-go. ACT!™ for Palm OS® is the first-ever, complete contact management system designed specifically for Palm OS handhelds. The ACT! for Palm OS 1.0.1 free update is now available via download for current ACT! for Palm customers. This release now supports Palm OS 5 and users with PDA phones can call contacts directly from ACT! for any phone number. Enter here for more details Go Back › Testimonials -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Excellent- so far it works great! Way to go... thanks for making our lives more enjoyable!! I love your passion for your product... Mike Ross, GM Financial ··· Thanks for your help. Your product is great and we wouldn't be able to function without it. You have a client for life with us. Claudia L. Pope, AIAA, ACS - Lesjak Financial ··· The product is excellent! I’m very impressed.Microsoft Outlook has a lot to learn from Act! And your file management and client management interface is very well done. Many thanks for your support. Paul Carroll - Efficient Wealth Management ··· It is my opinion that act4advisors is the best client and data management program out there. I have tried all of the other client management programs and act4advisors is the best out of them all, by far. I have been running a paperless office for sometime now, and when Scott Abboud came out with the scanning capability inside act4advisors, it made my paperless job a lot easier and more organized. Hat’s off to Act4Advisors. I will always recommend it. Richard F. Grant Jr. - RFG Capital Management ··· Act4Advisors is an incredible resource for building stronger relationships with clients resulting in an increase in referral business. Truly impressed with your forward thinking! Jerry Boda, CFP - Boda Financial ··· I have found that Act4Advisors not only excels in managing my sales development, but also in compliance. As a former compliance officer, I have always maintained that good compliance = good sales. Your software helps in tracking every aspect of the sales process, makes it easy to follow up with client service, and easy to maintain complete records (including contemporaneous notes). A Winner!! Every broker-dealer should require its reps to use this software! Bill Cantrell - First Midwest Securities, Inc. ··· Act4Advisors paid for itself the first week it went to work for me; I truly feel that I was able to hold off hiring another assistant by adding this software to my professional arsenal. I've already recommended Act4Advisors to other advisors I know and I will continue to do so. Dean Charron - New York Life ··· I have experience with Broker's Alley as well as the Bill Good System and have found that Act4Advisors combines the best of the two... the ease of Broker's Alley with the depth of Bill Good's software. Act4Advisor's support staff is exceptional as well. Friendly, patient, and knowledgeable. Keith Becker - Smith Barney ··· After spending a great deal of time on an ongoing basis attempting to personally modify ACT to meet my needs, I found a simple solution that I wish I had found months ago; Act4Advisors. The program is well organized and complete providing me with a comprehensive picture of my client's situation. Keep up the good work! Edward C. Goldstein*, Financial Planner, Lincoln Financial Advisors ··· While calling around for software demos, I was surprised how much the people at Allied knew about the products on the market. They helped me focus on an asset allocation program that has increased my assets under management and helped me deliver services the big brokerages firms can't compete with. Randy Rathmann, Proequities ··· If I knew what I know now, I would have called Scott Abboud at AFS a lot sooner. He helped us find a portfolio management software program that fits our needs as financial planners. Dale Alexander, CLU, CFP Dunwoody Brokerage ··· Scott Abboud knows his business. His Act4Advisors interface has allowed us to fully utilize our client and contact management software program. Scott's interface for Act! has saved us hours of work in developing our own. Kent Kraus, MBA SunAmerica Securities ···

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